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Picture yourself Squatting pain-free for life

If you want to Squat heavy but not sure how

If you can't control the weight under the bar without feeling like it will crush you

If you've been Squatting the same weight over and over again

If your hips hurt when you Squat

If you can't break parallel and get into the hole

If you have skinny chicken legs with no real muscle mass

Then The Squat Guide will solve all of your problems

Your Squat will never be weak again

Your pain will disappear: Your Squat will feel fluid like water

You'll set new Personal Records: With the proper guide it's impossible not to get better

You'll feel confident under the bar: You won't be scared to get into the hole

Your legs will become thick tree trunks: Squatting heavy is the ultimate exercise for mass and strength in everything below the hips.

What's included:

  • Over 20 pages on Squatting pain-free
  • How to troubleshoot your Squat
  • Warm-up and assistive exercises to make your Squat stronger
  • Squat training schedule

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FREE Squat Guide

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